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Saturday, June 25, 2011

sy JIJI report 2011. From Hong Kong to Akita

Sy JIJI sailed from Hong Kong to Akita (NW Honshu) in May & June 2011.

Jo wrote:

Below are, briefly, now some of my experiences and port info for your blog:

"jiji sailed from hong kong to akita in the month of may, 2011, stopping at kaohsiung (taiwan), okinawa, fukuoka, fukui (planned), and made one unplanned stop at ikitsuki ko on ikitsuki island, nagasaki prefecture because of engine failure. the trip took one more one month - may 1 to june 7. we choose the month of may after consulting the april, may and june u.s. gov't pilot charts for the east asia region, plus reading a lot of typhoon related information. we thought the month of may would minimize the chances of running into typhoons. however, as it turns out, we were quite wrong. we had to take evasive actions for the first two typhoons of the season, both of which came our way -- we were one day ahead of the eye of the typhoon going into naha ko in okinawa honto, which got a direct hit. then, when we were in fukuoka, the second typhoon, a super typhoon, passed by. even though this one went to the east side of honshu, there were strong winds in the sea of japan,