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Other boats have been here before and:

ALL complained about the PW (hey, the officials just do their job) but it's all done for free,

ALL are so pleased they have come here...so most have come-back plans.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


When entering Japan, a foreign yacht = vessel is required  to have an "insurance" .
Details Re the insurance are asked for by the Japan Coast Guard Initial Paper Work (PW).
Once in Japan...the JCG never will ask for "proof ".
So ...read between the lines.....it's up to you what to write down @ PW if you don't have insurance.
In addition, it is very easy and cheap to take out a third party insurance once in Japan...for a 40 foot boat it is about 10.000 yen for a year. A good thing to have with all the outstanding fishing nets etc.
In a way it is "funny" as Japanese yachts are NOT required by Law to have an insurance....
Boat License.
As a rule in Japan, 1 person on board a boat should have a Boat License.
This doesn't count for a foreign vessel.
As long as you travel on your foreign flagged vessel: No Need to Have.
Funny again is...if you do have an overseas Boat License...it is NOT valid to navigate on a Japanese vessel...
Hence you have to study and sit the Japan Boat License test.( email me if you like details).

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A~Z about Bmobile

Jenny on board of sy Bosun Bird wrote the following report:

According to bmobile's website www.bmobile.ne.jp you can buy a U300 SIM card for 1 month (2980 yen), 6 months (14,900 yen) and 12 months (29,800 yen).  In shops (Kagoshima, Nagasaki and Fukuoka) I never saw a card for one month – however it did look as though you could buy a one month card through their website.  I bought my U300 SIM card from Odobashi Camera in Fukuoka and paid 15,900 yen for an 8 month card.

I activated my card through the Helpdesk phone