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Sunday, May 29, 2011

sy BANNISTER's report 2010

Moorings and Anchorages in Japan and Korea
These Notes are originally set up in 2008/2009 by Olivier and Pascaline from French sailing yacht Neos, added in 2010 by Hendrik-Jan and Hanny from Dutch sailing yacht Bannister with help from several Japanese and foreign cruising friends, of whom we specially like to mention Jaap and Marijke from Dutch sailing yacht Alishan and Murano and Kazumi from Japanese sailing yacht Possible Dreams
Some notes are in French, but for sure you will manage to extract the useful information.
General :
Tourist information: at the ferry terminals you will find a tourist office or a stand with brochures and maps, and sometimes wireless internet.
ATM’s from post offices take foreign cards but recently also the ATM’s from the Seven Eleven convenience stores, very handy when it’s one of those public holidays, or a Sunday..
Fuel, In almost every harbours you can get diesel. When there is a fuel station close by at the harbour, point at your boat and ask for diesel and they will come with a little truck, ask in advance the price as it can differ quite a bit. If there is a customs office in the harbour you can try to get a ticket to get diesel cheaper but often it is a hassle.
Weather information, Navtex is working perfect in Japan, it gives, all the gunnery and other exercises, positions and forecast
of Frontal systems, Tropical Storms and Typhoons, and when a TS/Typhoon  is coming closer,  you get an  update every 3 hours.
Navigation, We used Max Sea  with CMap electronic charts and a backup of paper charts, beside that we used the Small Craft Guides, without those we often wouldn’t have had an idea about the specific ports as they didn’t show up on the electronic or paper charts, You can order the SCG ( also abroad) via Japan Hydrographical Association, http://www.jha.jp/ or you can buy them in Okinawa. That’s the first place from the south. 
Cruising permits, You will get the official documents from The Ministry of Transportation but we always made our own attachment with the ports we wanted to stop including the position and the number of the SCG with page numbers ( see Example)  because we used sometimes slightly different names as they are using and so they are able to find out without a lot of faxing or telephone calls vice versa. Take your time to make the list, you can always skip a port but not add on your way. We put as many ports on our list as we could find  so we were able to decide on the go where to stop.  Don’t bother about dates (but you have to put a date on the list!!!). On our cruising list we often stay everywhere 1 day, but after you have received your cruising permit you can choose where to go and for how long, also be sure that the date of the last port on your cruising permit is way beyond the real date you expect to arrive, we know of one boat who had to apply for a new cruising permit in between because they would arrive 2 days later then was written on their cruising permit.
Very Common Handsignals, When you see somebody with his arms forming an X in front of his/her body it means, Not Allowed, Dangerous, Closed, anyhow don’t proceed. Somebody with his/her arms above his/her head with the hands together forming an O this means OK.
Small Craft guide H812  we used is an old version, if you have a newer edition the page numbers may differ.
Emplacement Ryukyu Sud
Small craft guide H-812, pages 102, 106
Position au mouillage 24°20.59 N - 124°08.75E
Accès Go port after the big breakwater, 2end    basin to the right (Passed the basin with Coastguard Boats), You will see a pontoon with sailingboats
Type mouillage At the quay
Protection (*) Very good for all winds, maybe you have to use 1 or 2 anchors for winds from the NE
Contacts Mike Quinn : 090 3198 6472 / hanalee@crux.ocn.ne.jp
Coast Guards 0980 82 4841
Kuri & Fusa : café Taniwha – 090 7471 1510
Date de NEOS Du 16 Février au 6 Mars 2008
Facilités - No ’électricité, water in the park, fuel truck
- Coin laundry and hardwarestore close by
- Internet at the bibliothéque, slow; Internet at the ferry terminal fast.
All facilities
Date Bannister  10/22-06  2010  Because of the Dragon Boat races, we were on the new pontoon in the harbour next to the  harbour  Neos was in,( very protected),

Location Ryukyu
Small Craft Guide H 812 page 9
Position 24-55.49 N 125-14.85 E
Entrance Pay attention to the shallow at the end of port  breakwater
Berth  Moor alongside quay at portside in front of fishermans office, they will direct.
Protection Ok for all wind directions, swell coming in with strong SE winds
Contacts Coast Guard 0980720116
Date Bannister 23/06 27/06 2010
Facilities No electricity, Watertap at fishermans office, post office, small little shop.  In communitycenter very close near berth they serve a nice simple lunch around noon, at that time or a little later they often sell bread as well. Very nice quiet island to circle around with bike and Idyllic little snorkel beach on the north side.
Price  105 Yen per night, pay at fishermans office

Myako – port Hirara (Nikawadori)
Emplacement Ryukyu
Small craft guide H-812, pages 94, 97
Position au mouillage 24°49.09 N - 125°16.75E
Accès Entrance of Nikawadori east of the big breakwater. You wil see sailingboats - .
Type mouillage Along Quay – Protect your ropes for chafing on the quay.
Protection (*) Very good for winds in SE corner, Good for winds from other wind directions
Contacts Mr Tomari : 090 4777 8868 – Dive center 24° North
Coast Guards : 0980 72 0116
Douanes : 0980 72 2310
Dates de NEOS Du 7 au 12 Mars 2008 
Facilités No ’électricité, No water, water and fuel possible with truck)
 - not much facilities close by
- Internet free at terminal des ferry, un seul poste
Prix Gratuit
Location   Ryukyu
Small Craft Guide H812 Page 66-70
Position   26-13.4N 127-18.13 E
Entrance  After Breakwaters to the Quay at starboard, with strong southerly winds the
   Swell will come into the harbour
Date Bannister  28/29 June 2010
Facilities  Little supermarket, No elec. Watertap somewhere in the harbour. Very nice
   area. We met American sailor based in Ginnowan Marina, who comes often     and anchors around the islands, no problem with authorities, but first check-in
   in harbour, policeman will come and check papers. Also nice little harbour a
bit south ( Page 71), only suitable for 1 yacht but very good for bicycling on the 3 islands  which are connected.
Price    free
Okinawa – Ginowan Marina
Emplacement Ryukyu
Small craft guide H-812, page 47
Position à poste 26°16.69 N - 127°43.70 E
Accès Suivre balisage, Virer babord, après bouée verte N°5
Type mouillage Pontons
Protection (*) Très bonne
Contacts - Kenji Nakama, dit Ken : 098 890 7400 – mobile: 090 3193 1008 - email : kenyacht@fine.ocn.ne.jp, professionnel du nautisme, nous a procuré des cartes, connaît les corps de métier
- Marina : 098 897 7017 (Makuta Tadashi) email : g.marina@cap.ocn.ne.jp
- Coast Guards : 098 867 0118
- Douanes : 098 938 0638
Dates de NEOS Du 14 Mars au 2 Avril 2008
Facilités - Electricité (105 V) water
- Douches à la marina
- coinlaundry et supermarket closeby
- Internet wifi in marina office – G-wave
- Naha at 15 kilomètres, bus or taxi
Prix 2259Y per day pour 13m. à la flottaison

Date Bannister   09/11-07 2010 In Naha is a shop where they sell Small Craft Guides, ask at
   Ministry of Transportation for directions.
 Izena Shima – Nakada ko
Emplacement NW Okinawa
Small craft guide H-812, page 26
Position à poste 26°55.6 N - 127°57.0 E
Accès Sans problème, amarrage au terre plein
Type mouillage Quay, use chain to prevent chafing of ropes
Protection (*) Very good
Contacts - Nichi Kin Ichi , ne parle pas un mot d’anglais, très gentil, pas de valeur ajoutée pratique
Dates de NEOS Du 2 au 4 Avril 2008
Facilités - shops closeby
- Internet free at maritime office
- postoffice ATM
Prix - gratuit
Commentaire Sympathic  island, beautiful beaches, nice snorkelling, good place for waiting for the right wind, good bicycling
Date Bannister 09/11-07 2010 nice bicycling
Amami O Shima - Koniya
Emplacement Nord Okinawa
Small craft guide H-809, page 116
Position à poste 28°08.6 N – 129°18.8 E
Accès Most Eastern Basin, amarrage derrière la jetée, babord en entrant
Type mouillage Quai, amarres déjà à poste
Protection (*) Very good
Contacts Yasuo Kasai tel : 090 4778 1867,  propriétaire de l’atelier Yumemaru, se met en 4 pour rendre service, parle anglais, était là pour nous indiquer où nous mettre et prendre nos amarres
Dates de NEOS Du 6 au 11  Avril 2008
Facilités - ni électricité ni eau à quai
- Magasins d’alimentation à proximité
- Internet free at bibliothéque
- Laverie à 800 m :
- Post office
- possibility to fill up gas in bottles from NZ
Prix - gratuit
Commentaire - little museum behind the bibliothèque
- Kasai San is very helpfull
- difficult to rent a car (Kasai San gave us his) to go to Naze à 50 km, beautiful  route, Onsen à Sumiyou, moderne, no charme, open à 15h00
- Kasai San offered the mooring in  Atetsu à 5 miles of Koniya with douche and washing machine
Date Bannister 11/16-07 2010  we were at position 28-08.7N 129-18.6 E, at a new dock dedicated for Yachts, The dock is situated next to a park. almost every evening there were  Sumo exercises, interesting. Go just before the bridge to port, with low tide it dries under the bridge (looks scary), close to the quay is enough water, berth only at the port side. Water with hose in the park. It is a nice setting. But not sure about protection with very bad weather and heavy rain, ask Kasai San. There are 2 coin laundries opposite each other,  the nicer one is harder to find. Go opposite the one you will find easy into an alley and then on your right side you will find the laundry, is also a sort of pachinko place.            

Amami O Shima - Atetsu
Small craft guide -
Position à poste 28°11.16 N - 129°17.18 E
Accès At the end of the bay to your right
Type mouillage Mooring from Kasai San
Protection (*) Typhoon shelter
Contacts Yasuo Kasai tel : 090 4778 1867,  owner of Yumemaru, se met en 4 pour rendre service, parle anglais, était là pour nous indiquer où nous mettre et prendre nos amarres
Dates de NEOS Du 11 au 12 Avril 2008
Facilités - Pontoon for dingy
- post office
- small shops
Prix - gratuit , Kasai San, he asks a contribution for using douches and washing machine
Commentaire - agréable, surround by nature
Date Bannister 16/17-07 2010 after arrangements with Kasai San in Konya

Small Craft Guide  H809 -110
Position berth  28-24.1 N 129-31.1E
Entrance  First harbour, berth at port side, Quay with rubber strips.
Protection   Good
Date Bannister  17/19-07 2010
Facilities  Supermarkets, coin Laundry close to 100 yen shop. Bicycle ride
   to Naze, water in the park. A good place to break your trip in day
   trips, not particularly beautiful,

Small Craft Guide H809 100/105
Position berth  29-09.4N 129-12.4 E
Entrance  After entrance go to port and then quay on SB in first basin. Probably also
Possible in second basin, will be more protected for incoming swell. Be aware of huge shallow on east side of island, did not show up on our chart, stay away and be a bit north of the island before you go west towards the harbour
Protection  Not good for strong winds
Date Bannister  19/21-07 2010
Facilities No elec. No water. Little supermarket only open early in the morning and late afternoon, coin laundry behind supermarket. Post office
Laid back island, nice for bicyling, funny lagoon for snorkeling and great for finding polystyreen fenders on the beaches/rocks.
Price   free

Small craft guide H809 100/103
Position Berth
Entrance After breakwaters go to port along the long quay, be aware of cars on the quay. In that position a fishing boat will come back, the rest is free.
Protection   good for reasonable winds
Date bannister               21/22-07 2010
Facilities  No idea we staid only for one night, it looked good.
Price    free
Yakushima - Ambo
Emplacement Ile au Sud de Kyushu
Small craft guide H-809, page 97
Position à poste 30°19’.0 N - 130°39’.5 E
Accès Basin to the right, after the ice factory. not easy to find a place We raft up at 2dive boats at the right side of the entrance on indication of a fisherman.
Type mouillage A couple
Protection (*) Très bonne
Contacts Aucun
Dates de NEOS Du 14 au 19 Avril 2008
Facilités - No elec No water
- Supermarket close by
- Internet gratuit à l’hotel Yakushima Green
- coinlaundry on  route de l’hotel :
- Post office
- car hire closeby
Prix - gratuit
Commentaire - Yakushima is the most beautiful island we’ve seen till now
- touristinformation d’Ambo is competent and involved, brochures and maps available in English: Yakushima, les principales agglomérations de l’île et sur les chemins de randonnée
- points of interests The environmental and cultural center in Miyanoura, Tour around the island with the lighthouse  Yakushima, the onsen with hot water, les randonnées, nous avons fait celle du Tachu dake, à partir de Yakusugi cedar land (5h A/R)

Date Bannister   22/26-07 2010, position 30-18.8 N 130-39.5 at the long quay at portside at wood processing plant. Some distance to village once in a while a ship is coming but they will warn you. Contact Takimoto Hideto a Japanese SoloSailor who lives on his boat in the little harbour next to the quay. ( No place for yachts at that time) speaks French and a little bit of English, very helpfull.  email yamato55s@docomo.ne.jp tel 080 30583216. We’ve rented a car at Toyota at the airport, Agree with Neos, island is worthwhile to go around with a car and visit the national parks and onsen etc.  The Japanese sailors who come from the north go mostly to the port at Miyanoura
Emplacement Kyushu sud
Small craft guide H-809, page 60,63
Position à poste 31° 36’.05 N – 130°96’.5 E
Accès Port de Hamamachi , the most northerly basin of Kagoshima ko
Type mouillage Very difficult to find  a place, anchored with back to the quay Meditareanstyle at the head of a pontoon on indications of Seiji San nécessaires, acrobatic moves to go ashore
Protection (*) bonne
Contacts - Seiji Imaï : 090 4773 6118, pas toujours efficace
- tel douanes : 099 260 3175
Dates de NEOS Du 20 au 28 Avril 2008
Facilités No électricité No water at quai
- All facilités of a big city, not much close by
- Shipchandler for fishing boats Nakashima Sengu
- fuel  from a little tanker, but had to wait 2 hours and left.
Prix - gratuit
Commentaires Exposed berth
- Excellent documentation touristique and map in English with routes and way of transport
We made a part of one of the routes : historical museum and Iso garden
- rented a car fort Sakura Jima and Kirishima, numeral onsen, we have been at the one at Sakura Jima, at the waterfront
- We don’t recommend berthing in  Kagoshima
Emplacement Kyushu Sud – entrée de Kagoshima Wan à l’ouest
Small craft guide H-809, page 52-53
Position à poste 31° 12’,2 N – 130°38’,0 E
Accès Pontoon at the end of the bay on port, next to the small basin, Has to stay available for big fishig boats,  later at a pontoon on indication of the coast guard.
Type mouillage Excellent along  pontoon
Protection (*) Excellente, Typhoon shelter.
Contacts Excellent accueil des Coast Guards , tel 0993342999
Dates de NEOS Du 28 Avril au 3 Mai  2008
Facilités - water at the other side of the bay yellow house with Kanji characters
- fuel  (0993341030) with truck with help of  coast guard,
- little  supermarket closeby
- Internet, car rental, bakery, hypermarket, hardware store at Ibuzuki. Internet :café Tol Tom left at the exit of the station, car rental at the right  of the exit of the station.
Prix - gratuit
Commentaire 30 minutes train to Kagoshima. numeral curiosités touristiques in the region : Chiran, Sand Baths, …
Date Bannister  26/30-07 2010 a local delicatesse shop opposite harbour
Location   Kyushu Sud
Small Craft Guide H 809-97
Position Berth 
Entrance  Pass breakwaters and go to port along long quay at starboard close to big shed,
Date Bannister  30-07/01-08 2010
Facilities diesel close by and fishermans chandlery, supermarkets 2km, laundry opposite postoffice.
   Not particularly interesting
Emplacement Kyushu sud-ouest
Small craft guide Non décrit
Position à poste 31° 24’,9 N – 130°08’,05 E
Accès - 3 miles east of cape Noma misaki
- channel marked with buoys : one red , 3 green
- Pontoon at port at the foot of a hotel
Type mouillage Excellent , along a  pontoon privé belonging to the hotel
Protection (*) Excellent
Contacts Welcomed by Kyuko Imakure, first navigatrice japonaise on a solo tour around the world without a stop in  1993
Dates de NEOS Du 3 au 4 Mai  2008
Facilités -: Onsen, internet, restaurant
Prix - 1000 Y Pour Le Bateau, 300 Y par équipier
Commentaire Excellent arrêt sur la côte Sud-Ouest de Kyushu …
Date Bannister 01/04-08 2010, with bus to Samourai gardens, info at frontdesk hotel,  busstop opposite hotel, scenic route along the coast. Met several Japanese sailors here. In Hotel is a very nice little museum about old fishing techniques and solo sailors.
Kushikino, Tip of Possible Dreams
Position:  31-42,33N 130-16.2
Facilities No Electricity, Not much in marina, little grocery store, bus and train station to Kagoshima, From Kagoshima airport cheap flights to Kobe, From Kagoshima port, ferry to Osaka
Comments : it is very well protected marina, they have visitors berths up to 70/80 ft
Price from 110 to 590 yen per day depending of the length of the boat, this could be a good place to leave the boat for a while

Kami Koshiki shima - Sato
Emplacement Kyushu sud-ouest
Small craft guide H809 pp :47, 45-1
Position à poste 31° 50’,8 N – 129°55’,2E
Accès - Direct
Type mouillage - in North Basin  , along the quay,  west  berth  at a  pontoon at the foot of the hotel,
Protection (*) Agité
Dates de NEOS Du 4 au 6 Mai  2008
Facilités - Fuel et water possible
- internet limité and car rental at the  ’hotel
Commentaire Escale bien située sur la route de Nagasaki, beaux paysages
Date Bannister 4/5 08 2010  nice little place, tourist office behind hotel, coin  laundry in Hotel, not good for any strong wind with east in it, swell turns in harbour despite the big breakwater in front of the harbour.
Nagasaki – Dejima harbour
Emplacement Kyushu ouest
Small craft guide H808 W pp76, 71b
Position à poste 32°44’,6 N – 129°52’,2E
Accès - Au fond du port de Nagasaki , before  terminal de ferry,
Type mouillage - 2 pontoons in very good condition, in the heart of the city, at a  promenade with several restaurants
Protection (*) - tres bonne , un peu agitée du au passage des ferry
Contacts - manager de Dejima Marina : Mitsuhisa Yamashita
- Tel : 095 818 2370
- Email : dejima-harbor@minos.ocn.ne.jp
- Adresse : Dejima Marina
                Nagasaki Dejima wharf
                Nagasaki Ko
                Nagasaki prefecture  850-0862
- tel douanes : 09 56 31 91 49
Dates de NEOS Du 6au 12 Mai  2008
Facilités - Electricité (100V) and water at pontoon
- Internet free by  wifi in one of the cafes on the  promenade
- all shops close by
Prix - free the first week
Commentaire - Excellent position to  visit Nagasaki
- Marina for short stay, not possible for leaving boat
Date Bannister 6/13-08 2010 laundry at 500 meter opposite the supermarket  north of the marina,  in one of the back streets. A lot of interesting things to visit, Dejima museum has also English explanation at all the objects
Huis ten Bosch
Emplacement Kyushu nord-ouest, Omura Wan, carte W1226
Small craft guide H808 W p67A
Position à poste 33°04’,9 N – 129°47’,2E
Accès In the Bay ’Omura Wan, attention for the  passage of  Hario Seto. Ask for the timetable at  coast guards or at  Mitsuhisa YamashitA   in  Nagasaki
Type mouillage - grande marina au cœur du parc à thème
Protection (*) - Excellente,
Contacts - Huis ten Bosch marina :
-          Tel : 095 627 0259
-           Email : htbmarina@huistenbosch.co.jp
- Adresse :
                Huis ten Bosch Marina
                Huis Ten Bosch Cho
                8593292 Sasebo City
                Nagasaki prefecture
- tel douanes Sasebo 0956319149
Dates de NEOS Du 12 Mai au xx Août  2008
Facilités - Electricité (100V) et  water at pontoon
-  Internet at ’hotel Nikko, 100 Y for 10 minutes, on your own computer free at hotel Lorelei and at hotel ANA (special favour)
- nothing closeby, all shops at  Haiki, 5 km, ( possible with train)Hypermarche Jusco à Daito , carrefour routes 205 et 35
Prix -          20 Y / ft / jour le 1er mois
-          70 Y / ft /jour ensuite
Commentaire - Marina recommended  for leaving boat, inside the canals
Date bannister 18/21-08 2010, New management, other boat wrote an email and was told that the marina was full, we went without notice and got berth with difficulty for 5 days, We saw a lot of empty spaces in the marina.  At that time No possibilities for long term stay, maintenance is needed. Expect for 2011 things will change as the marina will probably be taken over by Nagasaki prefectura, price 2400 Yen per day
Uku Marina
Emplacement Kyushu nord-ouest - Archipel Goto Retto – île Uku Jima
Small craft guide H808W p129
Position à poste 33°15,4 N – 129°07,7E
Accès No problem with help of small craft guide
Type mouillage - small  marina
Protection (*) - good,
Dates de NEOS  2 Septembre  2008
Facilités - Electricité (100V) et  water on pontoon
- limited Internet at cityhall
Prix - 1100 Y / day
Commentaire - beautiful beaches and music for the bike
Emplacement Kyushu nord-ouest. Archipel Goto Retto – île Wakamatsu
Small craft guide Non indiqué
Position à poste 33°53,3 N – 129°01,35 E
Accès Need chart 97392 ; In the middle of  Wakamatsu seto river south, coming from NE into the bay starboard just before the bridge.
Type mouillage - At pontoon of ferries, were declined when we arrived. We stayed at the east side of the pontoon as close as possible to the maritime station
Protection (*) - bonne,
Contacts - Hiromi Iwamoto tient la parfumerie Shiseido ; parle l’anglais, nous a prêté sa voiture
Dates de NEOS 4 Septembre  2008
Facilités - water pontoon
- Internet at  maritime station
Prix - gratuit
Commentaire - Nakadori shima is very beautiful, côtes découpées, nombreuses églises
Emplacement Kyushu nord-ouest. Archipel Goto Retto –  SW île Fukué
Small craft guide Non indiqué
Position à poste 32°40,2,3 N – 128°40,4 E
Accès Détail de la zone sur la carte 217
Type mouillage -          Bous avaons ancré danbs la baie face au petit temple, fond de bonne tenue .Possibilié de se mettre au ponton des ferrys côté Ouest.
Protection (*) - très bonne,
Dates de NEOS 6 Septembre  2008
Facilités  - Onsen
Prix - gratuit
Commentaire - Navigation au fond de la grande baie, déjeuner face à un très beau temple.
Emplacement Kyushu nord-ouest. Archipel Goto Retto – NE île Fukué
Small craft guide Small craft guide H808 –page 136-137
Position à poste 32°41,8 N – 128°51,1 E
Type mouillage At the pontoon at the left side of the pontoon of the Ferries, At the feet of the maritime station,  rough – à éviter
Protection (*) - agitated because of several passages of fishing boats
Dates de NEOS 8 Septembre  2008
Facilités  - Internet limité à la gare maritime, shops in the center
Prix - gratuit
Commentaire - Ruines of castle, good local museum, only in  japonais, beautiful garden with waterpiece belonging to a very old house..
Emplacement Kyushu nord-ouest– N île de Hirado
Small craft guide Small craft guide H808W –page 56 et 58
Position à poste 33°22,3 N – 129°33,3 E
Type mouillage Sur ponton à gauche de celui des ferrys, au pied de la gare maritime-
Protection (*) bonne
Dates de NEOS 2 Octobre  2008
Facilités  - all shops in center –.
Prix - gratuit
Commentaire - Lively little touristic village at the foot of  a castle,. Interesting Museum in an beautiful traditional wooden house, would have liked to stay 2 nights.
- Etape recommended between  Nagasaki ou HTB et Fukuoka
Date Bannister 21/22-08 2010,  we stayed at the old ferry dock, very good place 31-50.78N 129-55.24E a lot of traditional houses and again a lot of Dutch history, charming place.  Ask the lady in the little touristoffice booth close to the berth for the coinlaundry at 500 meters she is very helpful.

Iki Shima Yunomoto

Location :  :West of Iki Shima
SCG  H808-104
Position of berth  33-48.64N 129-40.99E
Entrance :beware of the shallows around the islands, straight ahead at the end of the bay you will see the old fishing harbour, at port you see a yard with a break water, opposite the yard you see a long pier, it was empty beside one private  motoryacht, we were directed behind the motoryacht and were offered electricity from a powerpoint belonging to the motoryacht.
A very quiet and nice little place, one of our favorites, the dock is wide and clean perfect to do some jobs, the place is also attractive because of all the hotsprings, one at 80 meters from the boat, nice bicycle ride to Monkey Rock, little restaurant, very small shops, but bus to gonouro
Date bannister :15-19/09 2010
Price : free

Iki Shima Katsumoto
Location  : North of Iki island
Small craft guide :  H808 108/109
Position of berth : 33-51.41N 129-41.87E
Entrance  After breakwaters go to port we found a berth after the fuel station, is not the nicest place
  But at that time it was very busy in the harbour.
Protection  a very big harbour with various possibilities for protection but it will take some time to find the right spot.
Date Bannister :  21/22-08 2010
Facilities small supermarket, little shops and restaurants, the place itself is a bit poor but the area is beautifull, and we had very nice contacts with local people. Fuel and water at the fueldock

Tsu Shima Izuhara
Location  : Southeast of Tsu Shima
SCG  :H808 112/113 /127
Position of berth : 34-11.99N 129-17.33E
Entrance : After breakwaters go to the harbour on your starboard , we moored along the quay, in the corner close to the ice factory
Date Bannister :22/25-08 2010 and 13/15- 09 2010
Facilities :supermarkets, duty freeshops.  From the outside it looks like a small village but it’s a popular destination for Koreans who visit for one day, with the ferry,  for duty free shopping and sightseeing ( They still think Tsu Shima belongs to Korea) the place has also a bit more of nightlive then you will find in general.   The Coast guard is very helpful with tidal  information if you will sail through the passage which is really worthwhile . if you plan to make an overnight stop in that area before you go to Korea, don’t speak about it with the Coast Guard because they really get upset and will forbid you, as we found out.
Important !! Here you probably will find your last coin laundry before you return back to Japan.
The coin laundry is opposite the big supermarket and 100 yen shop in one of the back streets, to be exact the first little street which runs parallel  and is closeby  the canal. 
Important ! If you plan to come back to Japan ask for an email address to send your pre arrival notification.
In Busan we have, a whole morning, been busy to find an address  where they were able to send an international
Fax, the postoffices don’t have this service anymore as well as the telephone shops, the marina was not allowed
to do it, the hotels did it only for their own customers, in the end the tourist office helped us out,  they send our fax
to their main office so they could send it. But I don’t think they will make this as one of their regular services.
A tip from a Korean, based in Busan who sails regularly to Izuhara. Going to Busan you go through the narrows
and then north to Busan, so you have the full northgoing current with you, going back to Japan from Busan take
the eastcoast from TsuShima, less countercurrent

General    :Bannister sailed to Korea  september 2010, We arrived in Tong Yuong  in de marina, The  marina staff called on our request Customs and Quarantine and they came to the boat. They had appreciated if we would have send them a pre arrival notice but we could only find a faxnumber on their websites and had  not been able to send an international fax. It was not a real problem. The whole procedure took about 45 minutes filling in all the forms and a check of the boat. The next morning we had to go to the immigration office, which is at the other side of the town. We went on our bikes, which was for us not a problem, if you think you have to go with a taxi or public transport, have some Korean money with you, and change it at the frontdesk of the resort in the right amount for the bus, One of the ATM’s in  the Korean Bank  is suitable for foreign bank cards, look for the global logo on the machine.  There is a Korean Bank opposite the immigration office’. We tried several ATM’s during our stay in Korea but were never succesful, so in the end we sticked to the Korean Bank.  Immigration office took 10 minutes, we got a visa for 90 days.
We were told  that we were finished with all formalities, we only had to check out with Immigration  when we would leave Korea.  
When we arrived in Busan we were told by the marina staff that we had to go to customs, which amazed us. When we asked them if we could do that the next day as we wanted to prepare the boat for the typhoon which was expected within 24 hours , we got the message that we had to go immediately otherwise we would get a fine. We really thought there was a problem so we went, only to find out (after a 40 minutes trip)  that we ONLY had to pay a fee for closed ports of 1400 Won which is an equivalent of 1,2 US Dollar,  We were quite upset,  first of all, l why could the marina staff not collect this amount of money and transfer it to customs once in a while and  second we did not understand the closed port system. The explanation was that for a containervessel Busan is an open port but for a yacht Busan is a closed port. We arrived in a marina dedicated for yachts and motor boats and we have not seen a container vessel in miles  and the marina is far away from  the commercial harbour area
This was the only hick-up we had with the officials.
Tong Yuong 
Location   : southeast of South Korea
Position of berth  : 34-49.75N 128-26.29E
Entrance : Quite straight forward,   dangers are well marked
Dates Bannister : 25/08-03/09 2010
Facilities :Arriving in the marina was a bit of a shock. The general  state of the docks was abominable. With ropes and cables the whole  thing was kept together. On the chart were drawn 2 long docks with fingers,  we only found 1 long dock with fingers and a bunch of piles, the other dock was gone.  The good thing was that 3 days before we left they started with big maintenance on the dock and the fingers so probably the problem will be solved. On the docks is water and electricity 220 V.  There is not really marina personnel, the frontoffice desk of the resort is in charge and we thought it had been a while ago that they had seen a foreign yacht because they did not know what to do with us, they were very friendly but we had to tell them to call officials etc,  they hadn’t a clue, also the lack of English made things not easy, fortunately the staff of the sailingschool opposite was  very helpful with nautical matters and the staff of the little tourist office close-by was very helpfull with questions about public transport, shops, internet etc.
Tong Yuong is a big city with all sort of facilities. The main bussiness is  shipyards and tourism a strange combination but the town  is on the edge of a national park,
The area around Tong Yuong is the main attraction with all the little islands and beaches.
The staff of the sailingschool gave us directions where to go but if you really want to enjoy this area you need a big scale chart of this area so you can sail a scenic route between the islands. We tried to get one when we were there but we did not succeed,, the problem is the depths and the height of the powercables between the islands, they did not show up on our electronic charts, the height of the powercables is at least 19 meters but that’s not enough for us.
Price : we paid  90 Euro for a week


Location  :island group south of Tong Yuong
Position of Berth  :34-37.83N 128-16.13E
Entrance :The harbour at the west side of the bay, after the breakwater we went to port at a dock next to the navy dock, this dock is only suitable with neap tide, close to the quay there are underwaterobstructions. We had double fenders to stay  about a meter from the dock. Opposite is a big dock which is used by a supply vessel, we have not seen  any, probably you can use that as well. 
Facilities  :The island is charming and quiet, a couple of convenient stores, little restaurants
Chuk To
Location  : Island group south of Tong Yuong
Position of anchor 34-45.22N 128-33.58E  (9 meters)
Entrance : straight forward.  When you anchor keep in mind that the ferry is coming in, so don’t anchor in the middle. A beautiful and quiet bay, we did not go ashore

Location  : East coast of Korea, south of Busan
Position berth 34-49.19N 128-42.18E
Entrance :After the main brakwaters go to port and stay  in the middle of the bay, the marina is behind the inner breakwater at the end of the bay, entrance at starboard. Here you will find the Sailing Academy, they have a floating dock and moorings, we were allowed to use the dock, the dock is only suitable for calm weather.
Facilities : Very friendly people at the academy, water available plus electricity.  SA is closed on Monday
Nice little place with fisherman museum, supermarket opposite the street. We would have loved to stay for a couple of days but were not able to do because of typhoon coming.


Location  : East coast of South Korea
Position of berth :35-09.49N, 129-08.44E
Entrance : At the north side of the bridge, straight forward, take the first entrance.  We tried to call the marina but heard later that they don’t have a VHF. We were directed by local boatowners to a berth. The berth was available because the regular boat was on the hard for maintenance.
Berths  At the marina office we were told they did not think they had a berth available, but we knew that the place we were in was ok, after  a lot of talking they agreed we could stay there. This is a bit the problem of this marina, the office is more an administration office and they don’t have a real feeling with cruisers and they don’t know really what is happening in the marina, we saw so many open spaces in the marina. When you call ahead you will probably hear that they don’t have a berth but if you have time you will find one. Water and electricity 220V available.
There is quite a bit of surge coming into the harbour with southerly winds and when a typhoon passes north of Busan it can be shocking (1 meter swell) , According to the locals we were in a good spot, we were moored with 15 long lines to the poles and the dock so we were dancing freely in our berth, and  this was only the day before the typhoon would pass, fortunately the typhoon passed south of us so we had northerly winds and no problem. One of the boat owners told us the best time to come to Busan is the winter, northerly winds , no swell, the mountain ridge north of Busan blocks the wind and the temperature is quite nice.
In winter a lot of Russian sailing boats from Wladiwostock  are coming for the winter,  Russians in Busan have already arranged berths for those boats direct from the owners of the berths.
They are planning to extent the marina and there is another one under construction in Busan  we heard later, check out!!
Facilities : Haul out facilities are available but they were very busy and for a bigger boat they have to arrange a crane, the travellift is not suitable for that
Busan is a very very big town , when you have time you will find anything you want, your source of advice will be the other Korean  sailors in the marina and we found them very helpful.
The amount of beaches and tourism gives the town a special atmosphere.
One advice  : the marina staff said we could go along the stone wall east of the marina, later we heard the south part of this wall is the worst place if bad weather is coming.
Price  :140 euro per week


Fukuoka – Odo Marina
Emplacement Kyushu nord
Small craft guide Small craft guide H808W –page 38-39 et 42C
Position à poste 33°35,5 N – 130°18,7 E
Type mouillage First U shape Pontoons after entering the marina
Protection (*) Good but choppy with Northerly swell
Contacts -          Manager marina : Sugawara San tel 092 88 22 151
-          Douanes : 092 263 3282, tatillonnes
-          Mina Sato : 090 9804 0371, very helpful, asks nothing for her service.
Dates de NEOS 3 au 12 Octobre  2008
Facilités  - All shops in the center
 - Shipchandler à la marina
 -Water on demand (400 Y)
 - fuel duty free
-Travel lift
Prix - gratuit  les deux premières semaines
- 4400 Y pour 13<L<14
- 4700 Y pour L>14
Commentaire - Grande activité nautique à la marina
Date bannister : 19-28/09 2010  The system, that when you are a member of a foreign  yachtclub, you get 2 weeks for free is not existing any more, We got one week for free but they will change that as well in the near future, the price for us was 4400 yen per day and maybe they will give you a better price when you stay a week, on the other hand when you stay a month you pay 50.000 yen which is  quite reasonable.  Fukuoka is a nice convenient city and a good place to travel from,  International airport.  If you leave your boat, be sure to get a real berth, swell from the north which is dominant in the winter,  effects the visitors berths
We asked a in Fukuoka a cruisingpermit till Hiroshima which involved 3 prefecturas, 2 were no problem and was arranged in 2 days but for some harbours in the Yamakuchi Ken it would have take longer. We didn’t want to wait for that, so we were  told to come to Tokuyama for this part, In the end we ran out of time so we decided to skip Tokuyama etc., Later we heard from Possible Dreams that they had had an issue with this office for something which takes normally a couple of hours and they needed 1 week for this. If you like to go to this prefectura be aware you possible need more time for your cruisingpermit.
O Shima
Emplacement Kyushu nord
Small craft guide Small craft guide H808W –page 36
Position à poste 33°53,9 N – 130°26,2 E
Type mouillage Along a Quay in the fishing port, we were advised to go at the Ferry pontoon but we were refused.
Protection (*) bonne
Dates de NEOS 12 Octobre  2008
Prix gratuit
Commentaire Etape recommandée entre Fukuoka et le passage de Kanmon Kaikyo
Date Bannister: 28/30 –09 2010 position:33-53.88N 130-26.21E  on the corner. of a Quay Possible Dreams was along the Quay right of the ferry pontoons: convenient stop, quiet and friendly, Tip  Possible Dreams, There is a small coffee shop Piere where you can take a Shower and Bath for 500 yen
Tips Possible dreams: for stops before Kanmon kaiko
Aino Shima   Position:33-45,46E 130-21,89E   There is a space on the starboard side, 1 restaurant
Wakamatsu pier Position:33-52,74N 130-48,49E   Floating pier not in use, 2 minutes to amusementpark Spaceworld, Shops
Tobata port Position 33-54,06N 130-57,89E   Under Wakato Bridge good for a night, all facilities close by coin laundry and Public Bath close to the station 5 min by foot.
Moji fishing port position: 33-57,19N 130-57,89E  Close to Kanmon bridge and next to Japanese coastguard.  Japanese sailors stop here for “emergency” at the end of the day. You are not allowed to stop here but if you say you need gas and food you can stay overnight as the man in charge finish his work at 5 o”clock   
If You have AIS and you are approaching Kanmon Kaiko, Automatically every hour you will get a message  about the strength and direction of the current on your screen, and also the positions of work in progress in the area. Unfortunately we did not have the amount of current they predicted,  because we staid as close as possible to the buoys on the outside, to stay away from the big ships.

Shinmoji- marina
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Kyushu Nord
Small craft guide Small craft guide H804W –page 122,135b
Position à poste 33°53,4 N – 131°00,2 E
Type mouillage Ponton dans marina
Protection (*) bonne
Dates de NEOS 13 Octobre  2008
Facilités water, électricité, toilettes, douches
Prix 7350 Y pour la nuit
Commentaire Marina not interesting, easy access after  passage Kanmon Kaikyo
Hime Shima
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Kyushu Nord-Est
Small craft guide Small craft guide H804W –page 130 A
Position à poste 33°43,3 N – 131°38,8 E
Type mouillage A quai, Le long du quai à West of the Ferry
Protection (*) bonne
Dates de NEOS 14 au 17 Octobre  2008
Facilités Water on the quay, fishing boats, diesel, supermarket and postoffice
Prix gratuit
Commentaire Nice Island to bicycle, Prawn farms
Date Bannister 30/09-03/10 , we loved this island, there is a nice Public Bath on the east of the island.
Tip Possible Dreams:
Beppo, Oita prefectura, Marina  on port side of Beppo +/- 800 meters, very good and a lot Hotsprings! And Famous Chicken food, a must go, unfortunately we got this info too late and could not add at our cruising permit, Marina is a bit expensive probably 4000 plus for 42 feet boat.
Ya Shima
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Ouest
Small craft guide
Position à poste 33°44,0 N – 132°08,5 E
Type mouillage A l’ancre
Protection (*) Good protection for winds from the East
Dates de NEOS 17 Octobre  2008
Prix gratuit
Commentaire Did not go ashore
OShima alias Yashirojima- Kodomari Wan
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Ouest
Small craft guide
Position à poste 33°54,8 N – 132°24,2 E
Type mouillage A l’ancre
Protection (*) Good protection for winds  secteur Nord and  East
Dates de NEOS 18 Octobre  2008
Prix gratuit
Commentaire Anchored in front of a beautiful beach. Did not go ashore.
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Ouest – Entrée baie d’Hiroshima
Small craft guide H804 W, pages 62 et 67B
Position à poste 34°09,5 N – 132°26,4  E
Accès Bien contourner les parcs à huitre en les laissant sur tribord
Type mouillage Marina
Protection (*) Very good protection
Contacts Takahiro Yamauchi – Directeur de la marina - TEL : 0823572450, okinoshima@mbp.sphere.ne.jp
Dates de NEOS 19 au 21 Octobre  2008, 26 au 28 Octobre 2008
Facilités Water, wifi,  Douches, Washing Machine, shops 15 minutes by car
Prix Not fixed,  depending of the guest,  paid 1000Y per day
Commentaire Welcoming, Nice setting, Without doubt one of the marina’s  we preferred in   Japan , with Dejima in Nagasaki
Itsukushima alias Miyashima
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Ouest – baie d’Hiroshima
Small craft guide H804 W, pages 64,65
Position à poste 34°18,3 N – 132°19,3  E
Accès Most northerly pontoon of the  ferries,
Type mouillage Marina
Protection (*) Little protection, wake of the  ferries
Dates de NEOS 22 Octobre  2008,
Facilités Aucune
Prix 100 Yens pour la nuit
Commentaire La magie de Miyashima à porté, un incontournable
The Bannisters  have visited  this island (with the famous shrine), with the train from Hiroshima, but we think  it would have been more special  to be here with your own yacht and walk around when the most tourist are gone, especially when it becomes dark and the lights in the lanterns along the roads are on. Very good oysters eating
Hiroshima – Kanon marina
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Ouest – Hiroshima
Small craft guide H804 W, pages 56,57
Position à poste 34°21,6 N – 134°24,9  E
Type mouillage Marina
Protection (*) Very good protection
Contacts Nakanishi , manager , tel 082 234 7710, s-nakanishi@kanon-marina.co.jp
Inoue San tel : 07056757933 – mon contact au ministère des transports, parle anglais, intelligente et serviable
Dates de NEOS 23 au 26 Octobre 2008
Facilités water, 100 and 200V !!!!, douches, Washing machine, shops à 3km, Fueldock.  travel lift 20T. plus portique fixe
Prix Affiché :  40 à 50 pieds : 3300 Y par jour, paid  6600 Y pour 4 jours
Commentaire Marina without charm,  but comfortable and welcoming
Date Bannister : 03/08-10 2010 Along the long quay most inward in the marina, specially for visitors There is enough place for visitors, The marina manager Shuji Nakanishi appreciates it very much if you send him an email before arrival, see above, Office is closed on Tuesday.  We paid the dayly rate for a boat one size smaller then we are, 2400 yen per day and you get one day free when you stay a week. We applied for a cruising permit till Tannowa which included 4 prefeturas, We had a very, very nice and efficient contact « Emmy Kaiba » at the ministery of transportation who arranged all the cruisingpermits in 2 days (and spoke well English)
Omishima - Miyaura
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Ouest
Small craft guide H804 W, page 95
Position à poste 34°14,9 N – 132°59,6 E
Type mouillage Sur ponton couvert au Nord
Protection (*) Protected except from the west
Dates de NEOS 28 au 30 Octobre 2008
Facilités Shops in the village
Prix 64 Y premier jour, 38 le deuxième !!!
Commentaire Village (deadish) out of tourist season but a lot of things to see,like a very old famous tempel and the museum for samourai swords and Armor but  also  the modern museum Tokoro à 10 km. Bicycle routes on the island, a very big good public bath(on the seafront) with a lot of different style baths at 500metres, take the road in front of the supermarket towards the bay( next to the bay you are in with the boat).
Date Bannister 8/10- 10 2010 Position 34-14,0N  132-12.2E,  There is a small floating pontoon  dedicated for yachts at starboard next to a secondary Ferry dock, depth 4 meter, Somebody came to bring Brochures and maps and collected the mooring fees, based on Tonnage 14  yen per night.
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Ouest
Small craft guide H804 W, page 34,35
Position à poste 32°24,4N – 133°12,1 E
Type mouillage Sur ponton, de préférence à l’intérieur, très bruyant
Protection (*) Good protection , but  wake of boats
Contacts Koichi Yamada : 090 3372 1577
Dates de NEOS We passed it
Facilités All sort of shops
Commentaire Small town along the canal » très actif et industriel, worth visit. Favourite by Japanese sailors.
The Bannisters visited this place with friends in a car, a very charming place with a beautiful tempelcomplex on the hill,  which you can reach with cable car and walk down,  We saw the pontoon and were told that the place inside the pontoon is good, outside is not good,  it looked fine , The place is famous for it’s Ramen and we saw on a public holiday an hour before opening  people queued up for restaurants who had a good review.
 Tsuneishi – Sakaigahama marina
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Est
Small craft guide H803 W, page 106,111A
Position à poste 34°23,5 N – 133°17,0
Accès  About 5 miles east of  Onomichi – Behind a ship which is not in use, leave that on Starboard
Type mouillage Sur ponton
Protection (*) Excellent
Contacts Noboru Okamoto – 084 987 3460
Dates de NEOS 30 Octobre – 1er Novembre
Facilités Eau et électricité (120-240 Volts) at the quay
Prix 150 Y per feet per day – paid  5000 Y par day
Commentaire Isolated, Famous for the singer  Tsuneishi, Shops, at 5 km nice village Tomo No Ura at 10 km. Ferry , 10 minutes to Onomichi
Yuge Shima
Position   :34-15.5N 133-12.2E
SCG  :H804-100
Access : from North or South No problem, there is a new bridge under construction between Sa Shima and Ikina Shima, which is not on Cmap or in the SCG, the height of the bridge is 23 meters.
Type berthing ; along three floating pontoons
Protection  : very good but maybe not for strong southwesterly winds.
Facilities :water and electricity 100V on the pontoons, supermarket, restaurant very close to the boat
Contacts ;Toshiyuki Uemura, Mayor of Yuge, uemura-toshiyuki@town.kamijima.ehime.jp
  Takanori and Atsuyo Kimura, Teacher of the Maritime College,  kimura@mech.yuge.ac.jp
Price Under 10 ton,  10 yen per day, above 10 ton 24 yen a day plus 10 yen administration costs. Do know that 2 nights is 3 days. (this is a system you will find more often in Japan and Korea) You have to pay at the city hall which is the big building at your right were you will see the flags UW, You are welcome.
Comments : This is a place where they really like to have sailors, they made a dedicated floating pontoon for visiting yachts, and the mayor came for a coffee on board, Speciality of the  Island is Lemon Pork, Public Bath available with pickup service which they probably can arrange in the city hall or if your Japanese is good enough you can call them yourself. We have been here in a weekend in Oktober, in this month are a lot of Autumn festivals in the villages, find out where and join, especially in the evening.
Japanese Sailors go for Dinner or Lunch to a boardinghouse about 400 meters from the boat where the lady of the house seems to be a very good cook, reservations in  advance, ask on the other yachts for directions.

Utsumi  marina
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Est
Small craft guide H803 W, page 106 plus encadré
Position à poste 34°22,1 N – 133°20,0 E
Accès 3 Milles ESE Tsuneishi
Type mouillage Marina
Protection (*) exellente
Dates de NEOS Nous y avons été en voiture avec Yamaga qui y a son bateau CARA
Commentaire Very pretty, cheap, But isolated

Tomo No Ura
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Est
Small craft guide H803 W, page 108
Position à poste 34°22,8 N – 133°22,8 E
Type mouillage At anchor, fonds de vase , excellent view
Protection (*) Excellent
Dates de NEOS 1er Novembre
Facilités Shops and restaurants
Prix gratuit
Commentaire Tomo No Ura is a charming fishing village, very touristic, small streets, traditional wooden houses  tempels and museum. wortwhile
Bannister 12-10 2010 position: 34-22.883N 133-22.90,32E We made a lunchstop here, we were told if you take diesel at the fuel dock you can stay for a couple of hours for sightseeing and lunch, but we were not allowed at the dock, maybe out of diesel at that time ??,  so we went to starboard and moored at the head of the fishermansdock, which was allowed but we were just back in time before the garbageboat came to pickup the garbage from the garbage trucks, we could see the movement from the terras of the cafe.  If you cannot find a place we were advised to go to the island opposite,  Sensui Shima, appr position: 34-23,1N 133-23,39E there is a floating dock with 2 tourist boat where you can raft up ( Only on weekdays) and you can take the Ferry to Tomo.
Shiraishi shima
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Est
Small craft guide -
Position à poste 34°24,5 N – 133°31,5 E
Accès New port 1’5 miles SE of old port.  Pay attention to the unmarked rocks at 150 meter south of the entrance.
Type mouillage At Pontoon
Protection (*) Excellent
Contacts Harada Shigeru : 090 1681 3870,
Dates de NEOS 2,3 Novembre 2008
Facilités Essential for a village
Prix gratuit
Commentaire Welcoming, Good ambiance. recommended
Kitagi Shima
Position : South of Shiarishi
Position berth : 34-22.7N, 133-32.8E
Access  : After the break water go to starboard and you will see where the yachts are moored
Type Berth :along dock
Protection : good
Contacts ; Colin Ferrel, Yuukou Marine email info@yuukoumarine.jp tel 0865 68 2121
Date Bannister : 12/15-10 2010
Facilities :No water No elec on the dock. restaurant, very little supermarket, breadtruck with music, Sailloft see below
Price   : /
Commends : Colin (Canadian) and Mika Ferrel are a very welcoming couple, They have a Marine business;  Sail loft- repairs and new sails, Building rubber dingy’s and repairs, Canvas work and repairs, All sorts of ropes and lines, rigging, winches etc.
A meeting point for long distance sailors. Preferable send an email before arrival so Collin can make room on his dock if necessary.
The island is very nice to cycle and or make walks, ask for a map or guidance from  Colin and or Mika
Nao Shima – Benese pontoon
(Demander autorisation au préalable)
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Est
Small craft guide -
Position à poste 34°26,6N – 133°59,5 E
Type mouillage Ponton de la fondation Benese
Protection (*) Moderate for winds from The south
Contacts Kikuta san (Hotel Benese ) : 087 892 2031
Dates de NEOS 4-6 Novembre 2008
Facilités none, were not allowed to use the facilities of the Hotel
Prix gratuit
Commentaire At the foot of a museum, exceptional site, worth the detour
Bannister tried to get permission, because we were told that it is a beautiful island and they have a « permanent »art festival on the island but we did not succeed even with the promise we would have dinner at the hotel.  You need contacts for this address.
Shodo Shima – Kusakabe Ko
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Est
Small craft guide H803 W, page 93A
Position à poste 34°28,7 N – 134°17,9 E
Accès Baie d’Uchinomi
Type mouillage Ponton in use for  vedette Takamatsu
Protection (*) Excellente
Contacts Naomi HOUCHI Tel;090-4335-0251
Dates de NEOS 6-12 Novembre 2008
Facilités Water available on demand but for a ridiculous price,
Shops closeby ; All facilities in 20 minutes with bus
Prix 2500 Y /day
Commentaires Very nice, Beautiful Onsen at the sea, supermarket in  Tonoshi
Shodo Shima – Omi
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Est
Position  34°31,9 N – 134°14,4 E
Accès At the north of the island
Type mouillage Ponton
Protection (*) Calm weather
Contacts Naomi HOUCHI Tel;090-4335-0251
Facilités ?
Prix About 80 Y par jour
Commentaires  Remote we could not visit it by car. Close to the singer Okasaki
Shodo Shima- Yoshida marina
Position : North/east of Shodo Shima
Position Berth ; appr, 34-33,47 134-20,89E
Access  :straight forward into the bay, Bay is shallow
Type of Berth ;at a floating pontoon of Yoshida (Seatiger) resort, check the depth with spring tide
Protection : Good, maybe with strong northerly winds swell will come into the bay but then you can go into the fishing port on the north side of the bay
Date Bannister :15/16-10 2010
Facilities ;Restaurant, public bath at 10 min walking distance along the river
Price  :1000 yen per night
Commends : Resort has swimming pool. Have a look at all the watering cans at the cemetery

Himeji – Kiba Yacht harbour
Emplacement Seto Naïkaï – Est
Small craft guide H803 W, page 71, 70 C
Position à poste 34°46,4 N – 134°43,4 E
Type mouillage Marina
Protection (*) Excellente
Contacts Kiba Yacht Harbor  Tel  079-246-3928, E-mail   kibayh@meg.winknet.ne.jp
Dates de NEOS 12-14 Novembre 2008
Prix 2000 Y / jour
Shin Nishi Nomiya
Emplacement baie d’Osaka
Small craft guide H803 W, page50
Position à poste 34°42,6 N – 135°18,8 E
Type mouillage Marina
Protection (*) Excellente
Contacts Hidehiro Yokoyama, Kansaï Yacht Club, Yokohama@kyc.or.jp tel : 0798260691
Dates de NEOS 15 Novembre 2008 au 11 Février 2009
Facilités everything, 100 et 200 Volts, Wifi, shops close by
Prix 11400 per week
Commentaires Very welcoming by KYC , 15 min by bike to the train station. Kobe et Hiroshima at  20minutes with train.
Santopia Marina
Emplacement baie d’Osaka, côte SE d’Awaji shima, Sud du port de Sumoto
Small craft guide Non indiqué
Position à poste 34°19,8 N – 134°54,8 E
Type mouillage Marina
Protection (*) Exellent without doubt
Contacts Kimitake Nakagawa responsable marina, email : nakagawa@suntopiamarina.jp, tel : 0799240401
Dates de NEOS 11 Février 2009
Facilités Eau, 100 Volts,
Prix 120Y per feet
Commentaires Welcomed by the people we’ve met by the KYC , Touristic site, Family mart close by
Tokushima- Kenchopia yacht harbour
Emplacement Au cœur de Tokushima, côte Est de Shikoku
Small craft guide Non indiqué
Position à poste 34°04,0 N – 134°33,6 E
Accès Pass the bridge, 21 meter, On the left you can see the sailboats, find a spot at the pontoon or raft up.
Type mouillage Ponton
Protection (*) Excellente
Contacts Yamamoto dit Yanshi , tel 08030409626
Dates de NEOS 12 au 15 Février 2009
Facilités Eau, 100 Volts,
Prix Gratuit
Commentaires Very welcome by Yanshi, grand buveur devant l’éternel.
Tannowa Marina
Position :South of Osaka
SCG  :H803-34a
Position marina :34-20.3N, 135-10.9E
Access,  : straight forward
Type berth :marina
Protection  : Excellent
Contacts :Takeda Masayuki, Harbourmanager tannowa.yh@nifty.com , Haruo Ichikawa, Commodore Tannowa Osaka Bay Yacht Club,   Isao Kakihara, very active commitee member old_salt7@jttk.zag.ne.jp
Date Bannister : 16/10-2010 till spring 2011
Facilities :water, 100V,  + one 200V powerpoint, travellift max 4.40 meter width, washing machine, good shower and toilets facilities, fuel on demand with truck, active yachtclub. In village postoffice, supermarket, coinlaundry, station for train to Osaka and Airport 5 min by bike.
Price  : 42000 yen per month, including elec and water, for longer stay
Comment  :We got a very warm welcome from the Harbour master and the Commodore and Committee member of the TOBYC, We had a welcome party and offered all the help we would need, They really like to have foreign yachts, The yachtclub is very active with sailing and pleasure events. Although the harbour looks a bit open we were assured by several people that the marina is very safe, it is comfortable close to Osaka airport. Supermarkets and big hardware stores( next to MaxValue) at zaguhara train station ( 15 minutes)
Marina-office  is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, then also all the gates are closed, You can leave the marina but not come back on the property, You need a key
If interested to stay in this marina send an email in advance, (we did 7 weeks) to Takeda Masayuki and Isao Kakihara with a request and in Japan it’s always good to refer to people you know who have been in this marina.

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