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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bannister's cruising report 2011 (West Honshu~Hokkaido)

Many thanx for the info Hanny and Hendrik-Jan !!

Ports on the west coast of Honshu

This is a more rugged coast with less industry. the coast is more exposed for the weather. Japanese sailors when making a circumnavigation around Honshu prefer to sail this coast in May and June when strong westerly’s hardly appear, consequence is a lot of motoring. We sailed in April as we wanted to leave Hokkaido end of may. We thought it was not a bad period to do, You have to be aware which ports are suitable for strong westerly winds and swell and keep an eye on the weather forecast, but we also had beautiful sailing going up north. For this part we used notes from Isao Kakihari from Tannowa marina, who circumnavigated Honshu a couple of years before. Although we have not visited all the harbours we will mention them.

Morutsu port            ; H805-30A pontoon protection reasonable
Fysheryna Kojima  ; H805-33C yacht harbour protection good


SCG                 :H805-36/37
Position            :Marina  34-26.48N  131-25.2
                        Fishing port 34-25.76  131-24.83E
Access             :straightforward, marina; in the basin of the marina you will find a floating pontoon on
                        your left, we tied up to that, the port office is outside the marina, you will get directions.
Fishing port; after entering the basin you see a big dock on the east side we got a berth on the top end. The port office is a brown/red building in the northeast corner, first floor, flags and stairs outside. On the backside of this building is a small supermarket
Type berth         :floating pier and normal Quay
Protection         :Good for all winds
Facilities           :Marina ; water on the jetty, no electricity, no wifi, showers
                        :Fishing dock, nothing special
In Hagi you will find big stores, post offices, cheap supermarket close to Ganjima bridge next to pachinkoplaces, With our lonely planet we managed to find the Kubotahouse, here we got a tourist map with a lot more  information, this shows also the onsen,
Prices               :Marina 45ft, 5300 yen per day, we wanted to stay 3 days but we didn't get a better price.  Fishing port was free
Comments        :We liked this place very much, it’s traditional, nice to ride with your bicycle through all the lanes and alleys, lots to see, but counting the bicycle renting places maybe not a good place to be in the holiday season, A nice bicycling route to Hagi, Keep the fishing port at your right till you see a tunnel. Don’t go into the tunnel but take the road on the left side towards the river, follow the river into town, close to the tunnel you will find the very nice local produce market.
Date Bannister  : 13/04-17/04 2011


SCG                 :H805-39
Position            Fishingdock  34-38.48  131-38.7
Access             ;Straightforward, seamap was quite a bit off, real position about 0.5 miles ESE. Leading line works well. Beautiful entrance. We moored in the 3 meter basin, plenty of space at that time, probably on working days it can be busy with unloading at the side with the open shed. The port is more sheltered as you may think when you see the chart in the SCG. We had a high Northerly swell when we were at sea but noticed nothing inside.
Contacts           :-
Type berth        :Quay
Facilities           :We saw water on the dock
Prices              :free we think we saw nobody
Protection         : reasonable good. When swell might come into the port you might find a place more northerly in the harbour or anchor.
Comments        : Small friendly fishing village. With interesting temple and statues
Date Bannister  :17/04-18/04 2011


 SCG                :H805-41A
Position            :
Access             :Straigth forward, Not a good approach with strong North-Westerly wind and  heavy swell, dangerous! With settled weather you can tie up to the dock in front of the office with an angle of 90%, so not a good place with swell coming in. When a westerly storm was expected we were allowed to go behind this pier and tie up between 2 fisherman in the according the SCG 2 meter basin but we had 3 meters. Otherwise it would have been impossible to stay there.
Contacts           :
Type berth        : dock
Facilities           :water, tourist office on the waterfront, train station 10/15 minutes walk
Prices              : free, a bottle of sochu for the fisherman we tied up.
Protection         : if you cannot find a spot behind the pier with a strong westerly wind warning don’t stay here.
Comments        : Very traditional village with famous hot spring (Spa) . Nice day trip to Omori silver mines. With train to Nima and bus to Omori, We took the train from 9.57 hours and had to wait 15 minutes for the bus to Omori, Here we found out we were very lucky with this schedule because in April the buses are not going so frequently, going back only at 13.00 or 16.00 so maybe better enquire at the tourist office before going. Omori is a world heritage area, interesting info center and nice old town. We walked back to Yunotso on the old trail they used to bring the silver to Yunotso port, 12 kilometre, first part tough and very beautiful, it will take you 3 to 4 hours. To get an idea of the track see the model in the reception area of the world heritage center and they also have the track on the back of the English Brochure, follow Okodomari, Yunotso is not mentioned on the signs.
Date Bannister  : 18/04-21/04

Sagiura and Utsupurui

SCG                 H805-44B
Position            :
Access             :when the bay opens up it is easy to see where to go. We were directed to the first meters of the dock on your port side when entering the harbour, tie up alongside, in front of us were a couple of fishing boats moored with a stern line. And a couple of boats on a mooring
Contacts           :
Type berth        : Quay
Facilities           : little supermarket
Protection         :not good for winds and swell from the northwest, if you cannot find a spot or the swell is too much you can continue to the west for  about 5 miles to Utsupurui H805-45, you can find a more sheltered place there.
Comments        :friendly fishing place, nice setting, almost all traditional houses. Nice walk. The director of the bank is also the manager and cashier of the supermarket but he looks really like the director, funny.
Fee                  :Free
Date Bannister  21/04-22/04


SCG                 :H805-47
Position            :35-34.34N 133-13.45
Access             :We found a place in the most western harbour, on the western Quay
Type Berth        : Quay
Facilities           : little supermarkets
Protection         :Good, maybe with North Easterly winds swell in the harbour, check out the other harbours
Comments        : Onsen in ferry terminal. A good place to visit Matsue and Izumo, Bus stop in front of Ferry terminal,
Fee                  :Free
Date banister    : 22/04-25/04

Sakai Minato

SCG                 :H805/52
Position            :35-30.87N 133-15.26
Type Berth        :Pontoon
Comments        :Fuel, Showers, No shopping and No Restaurants, Harbour looks Shallow
Visited by Kakihari Isao

Tottori Port

SCG                 :H805/62
Position            :35-32.08N 134-11.75E
Access               : We went around the big breakwater because of a westerly swell. A busy port. Proceed towards the end of the harbour in front of the Coastguard and Port Captain buildings. We were directed towards the Quay with an angle 90 degrees to the main Quay, everybody was very Helpful
Protection         : very good in that position.
Comments        :Customs arranged tax free fuel for us without any hassle, In the Port Captain office we got all the information we needed, friendly staff. Onsen 15 minutes by bicycle. Big shopping mall with coin laundry close by. 
Fee                  : free
Date Bannister  : 25/04-27/04

Ine Port

SCG                 :H805/71
Position            :35-40.4N 135-17.3E
Access             :straight forward, We found a spot behind the breakwater with the green light on the North side of the harbour.
Type berth        :At the long Quay
Protection         :Good, but not for south westerly winds. Our friends who arrived after us had to leave the harbour with a SW 20/25 knots wind as the swell was so high in that position, that they would have damaged the boat. They went to Maizuru, south of Ine, with several opportunities
Comments        : In Ine you will find the famous boat houses, a sake brewery, post office, little super market and a bus to Amanohashidate
Fee                  : free
Date Bannister  : 27/04-29/04

Echizen Fishing Port    

SCG                 :H805-81a
Position            :35-55.81N 135-59.69E
Access             :Strait forward, we were told to go to the southern basin, at that time there was a big part of that basin under construction so by now the situation will have changed completely
Type berth        : floating dock
Protection         : The breakwaters were recently increased, we have never seen such high breakwaters, so it means it is safe? and the sea must be terrible with a strong westerly
Comments        :Fishing village, shops, public bath, fuel
Fee                  :free
Date Bannister  :29/04-30/04      

SCG                 H805-88-89
Position            :36-36.45N 136-36.95  (36-38.62N 136-35.99E Kakiharisan Isao)
Access             Entrance is wide and open. We arrived on a Public Holiday, the fishing fleet was in and  moored three or four boats alongside each other and we had great difficulty to find a berth, There was No place in the first basin on your starboard, which is also not good with a northerly swell. We found a spot at the end of the basin of the Coastguard but we had a lot of wake from passing boats in the harbour, so we left the next morning at crack of dawn.
Protection         : Not good with Northerly winds and swell.
Fee                  :free
Comments        : Kakiharisan mentioned the Kanazawa castle, Kenroku Kouen Park and the Maritime Museum to visit
Date Bannister  :30/04-01/05

SCG                 :H805-92
Position            :37-24.16N 136-54.03E
Access             :after entering the harbour we choose to find a berth in the northerly basin
Berth                : Quay
Protection         : Good
Comments        Famous for its lacquer ware, Morning market (with loads of lacquer ware) at the other side of the bridges, supermarkets at the outskirts of the town, water and fuel. public bath
Fee                  :free
Date Bannister  :01/05-03/05

Sadoshima Ogi

SCG                 :H805-121
Position            :37-48.7N 138-16.7E
Access             :don’t sail to close to the shore we ran almost in a floating net. After rounding the breakwaters proceed to the southwest and find a berth along the south-western quay. Some local sailboats are moored there as well. We were told we would get directions  but we have not seen anyone.
Berth                :Alongside quay
Protection         :Reasonable. When swell is coming into the harbour it would be wise to berth Mediterranean style (drop the anchor and go backwards to the quay attach lines to the quay, so you stay free of the shore). We were told they have mooring lines you can use so you don’t have to use your anchor but we have not seen any. We were moored along the quay without problems
Comments        :tourist information close by, shops, water, fuel, a very nice maritime/historic museum, nice bicycle routes on the island, gold mine
Fee                  :free
Date Bannister  :03/05-05/05

Sadoshima Ryotsu

SCG                 :H805-120
Position            :38-05.04N 138-26.13E
Access             :around the breakwater, to the basin past the Coastguard at the port side. With easterly winds better opposite this spot
Protection         : In that position not good for strong easterly winds, at that time we could not find a spot more northerly in the harbour which should be more protected
Comments        : supermarket in the outskirts of the town, We had a very good time here because of a festival with dragons and devils fighting demons during daytime and street performances during the evening This festival  is not mentioned in the Lonely planet. Onsen
Fee                   :free
Date Bannister  :05/05-07/05

The following harbours were not visited by Bannister, this information is from Kakihari Isao,


SCG                 :H805-124
Position            :38-28.07N 139-15.43E
Comments        :fishing village, water and fuel

Honjyou marina

SCG                 :H805-132b
Position            :39-23.49N 140-00.58E
Comments        This marina is a sister marina of Akita marina
(note banister: In general these marina’s are expensive but they sometimes offer you a better rate being a foreigner)

Akita Marina

SCG                 :H805-135
Position            :39-47.11N 140-02.28E
Comments        :email: akitainfo@marinaakita.co.jp office is closed on Tuesday. Clubmember  Enokisan from yacht Hackberry is very helpful to foreign yachts, email h-b@cna.ne.jp water, electricity. Tourist attractions and national park.
(Note Bannister, the entrance to the marina is shallow, (with a draft of more than 2.10 meter you have to be careful). The entrance is  marked with buoys, but it is not very clear ,if you give notice in advance the staff of the marina will guide you in. We got a very good review of this marina from yacht Sunstone and Kauana,, indeed very friendly and helpful staff, very good mechanic, assistance with shopping as it is faraway. And last but certainly not least one of the few possibilities to fill up foreign gas bottles.   Be Aware on Hokkaido  it was Nowhere possible to fill up the bottles, even not possible to buy a new bottle!!

Oga Marina

SCG                 H805-136
Position            :39-52.969N 139-51.324E
Comments        :sistermarina of Akita ogainfo@marinaakita.co.jp


SCG                 :H805-138b
Position            :40-38.89N 139-55.36
Berth                :Pier
Comments        : Jishou marine shop,Temple and Maritime museum, restaurant, onsen, fuel and water


SCG                 :H805-141
Position            :41-08.18N 140-17.79E
Berth                :Fishing Harbour, pier
Comments        :Fuel and water


SCG                 :H810-48/49
Position            :41-46.0N 140-42.98E
Access             :past breakwater go to starboard and proceed to the south to the restored brick ware houses
Berth                : in front of the warehouses is the place to berth for visiting yachts. Because of the tide difference and the wake of the tourist boat you have to moor in between the pier, where the tourist boat is moored, and the quay of the warehouses with lines fore and aft to the pier and the quay so you are free of the Quays.
Protection         : very good
Comments        : Mr Ryokichi Mizuno is member of the yacht club and the contact person for visiting yachts He is the owner of the jewellery shop (chart house) in the middle warehouse. He and his wife are very helpful and will give you all the information you need and he will notify the officials tel 0138-27-3663 email, chart@msc.ncv.ne.jp
Hakodate is an open port and here you can apply for a cruising permit
Water, Taxfree fuel ask Mizunosan, coin laundry, supermarkets, public bath, mechanics and other possibilities for repairs, car rental
Date Bannister   :10/05-20/05
Fee                   :free


SCG                 :810-96/97
Position            :42-58.88N 144-23.01E
Access             :Past the breakwater proceed east towards the river. A bit before the bridge on your port side you will find  a big building with the name MOO. In front of this building is the place for visiting yachts
Berth                :a Quay, Sometimes the swell will come into the harbour and you need your big fenders and long lines
Protection         : good but not sure with strong westerly winds
Comments        :the manager of the MOO building is the contact person for visiting yachts Mr Takayuki Sato tel:0154-23-0600 email: t.sato@moo946.com , another contact person is Capt .Shimegi Seki, member of the yacht club  tel:080-1875-1051 email: fancy2@minos.ocn.ne.jp  Both very friendly and helpful. Water and fuel (ask Satosan), supermarkets, coin laundry car rental
Date Bannister  : 21/05-24/05
Fee                  :free

The following ports were visited by Kakihari Isao

Muroran Marina

SCG                 :H810-68/69
Position            :42-20.210N 140-56.350E
Berth                :pontoon
Comments        :email marina enrum-marina@river.ocn.ne.jp office id closed on Thursday, except when it is a public holiday then the office will be closed on Friday, fuel,electricity, water, repair facilities, showers public bath close by
Protection         : good

Tomakomai Yufustu marina

SCG                 :H810-75, 76/77
Position            :42-37.0N141-43.05E
Berth                :Pontoon
Comments        :email marina yufutsu@bellport.co.jp  tel:0144-56-4771 office is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday except when it is a public holiday then the office will be closed the next day(s). Fuel,  water, shower, electricity hotel
Protection         :good


SCG                 H810-79
Position            :42-15.0N 142-33E
Berth                :fishingport, Quay,
Protection         :Reasonable. With SW winds a swell will come into the harbour
Comments        :convenience store, onsen 15 minutes by bus,


SCG                 :H810-80
Position            :42-09.89N 142-45.45E
Berth                :Quay,
Protection         : reasonable
Comments        :fuelstation closeby


SCG                 :H810-88/89
Position            :42-18.14 143-20,84
Berth                :Quay
Protection         :Reasonable. In case of strong NE-SE winds high waves and surge around the end of the  breakwater
Comments        :Supermarket in main street, public bath 15 minutes by foot, water, fuel

Example for  application  Cruising permit

Application for cruising permit between  Fukuoka and Kanazawa Port for Sailing Yacht Bannister

The dates and ports may vary depending on the weather conditions at the time

Port                               ref                         arrive          depart
Fukuoka Odo marina                  H808-38/39/42c 07/04                12/04
Oshima                                     H808-36                        12/04                13/04
Mishima                                    H805-34b                      13/04                15/04
Fisheryna Kojima                       H805-33c                      15/04                16/04
Hagi                                          H805-37/37                    16/04                19/04
Ezaki port                                  H805-39                        19/04                21/04
Hamada port                              H805-42/43                    21/04                23/04
Yunotso port                              H805-41a                      23/04                25/04
Sagiura port                               H805-44b                      25/04                26/04
Utsupuriu port                            H805-45                        26/04                27/04
Hichrui port                                H805-47                        27/04                28/04
Okino shima Urago                     H805-59B/60                 28/04                29/04
Okinoshima Dogo                       H805-58                        29/04                30/04
Sakai Minato                              H805-52                        30/04                01/05
Tottori port                                 H805-62                        01/05                03/05
Kasomi                                      H805-65                        03/05                04/05
Ine Port                                     H805-71                        04/05                06/05
Maizuru                                     H805-73                        06/05                07/05
Echizen fishing port                    H805-81a                      07/05                08/05
Kanazawa port                           H805-88-89                    08/05                14/05

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