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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Regarding using email to conatct Japan Coast Guard

Looking at the search results, a few of you are searching for email addresses to contact the officials at
Japan Coast Guard, Customs and/or Immigration.

Oops, bad news.

Japan uses modern systems.....but the people that operate those.....well, they are not-so.
Other words...as soon as they see an email from a stranger on their screen that is in English.....the reaction is:
"didn't see that one"

So to make contact, the best is by FAX and
ask them to reply by email...
From then on, you'll get a personal reply and  your are "in bizz".

Our own experience is:
Just phone (and fax) them! ( we used Skype from the PI).
By phone ask them if they received the fax!
There is always somebody in the office who speaks enough English..

True joke:
When we sailed from the PI to Ishigaki we made contact with the JCG, as above. The email reply from them after admitting all the paperwork was:
All okay, you can come to Japan....everything is okay...
Ohhh, just hold-on, you come from the Netherlands...
Marijuana is "okay" in Holland...
BUT don't bring drugs to Japan...
(pfff, like every Dutch is loaded to the gunnels....) 

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